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Lockdown Beauty with Lisa Potter-Dixon | Beauty Banter

Lockdown Beauty with Lisa Potter-Dixon | Beauty Banter

I loved getting to chat to the incredibly joyful Lisa Potter-Dixon makeup artist, best selling author and cohost of Back Chat Beauty live on Instagram. We delved into my career from makeup artistry to brand owner and all that is in between.


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With an economics degree and a love of beauty my first voyage into the work of artistry was assisting Francine Shiffer at London Fashion Week. I remember vividly being asked to arrive at 4am and my mouth dropping open, only to be asked when I would like to start as there were 30 models that required hair and makeup ready to walk the show at 9.30am. Needless to say at 4am I was ready and waiting! 

From assisting my first break to be the lead artist came from Karena Callen, the Elle Beauty Director, we were at a reader event for Prescriptives and she asked if I would ever go on a trip and it dawned on me that as I had a young child no one knew if I would go on trips. Jumping at the chance we headed to St Lucia where I met her incredible assistant Anna-Marie Solowij. Other artists of the time were upping sticks and moving to Paris and New York but with my daughter it wasn't feasible so I stayed in the UK and set about making my name here. 

Over the years I worked with George Hammer to bring hard to find brands to the UK from Tweezerman to L'Occitane before venturing into my first brand Ruby & Millie. Whilst speaking to Boots about stocking another brand we realised there was a gap in their offering for a cool, affordable sexy cosmetics brand. By 1998 Ruby & Millie was on the shelves, Millie and I consulted on everything from the packaging and formulation to how to train the staff. We disrupted how the High Street sold beauty launching in Harvey Nichols alongside Chanel and YSL and in Boots which was unheard of. Our infamous clear twist up Lipgloss was inspired by the the inner workings of another brands pen highlighter applicator... everyone told us during the research phase that we were crazy, people would be able to see how much product was in the pack, but we loved that (especially me as an artist)! Thankfully the customers loved it too as it rapidly became our number one selling product and was copied by numerous brands.

We partnered with Boots for over 10 years before leaving on a high to take on other projects.

In 2019 the beauty arena beckoned and Ruby Hammer the brand was born, a highly edited range of must have beauty accessories that I personally use and love. I wanted to have an offering that fit in alongside your beauty routine enhancing what you have. As an artist I love trying new products and have never restricted myself to only one brand, throughout owning Ruby & Millie I continued to use and support other brands such as MAC, Shu Uemura, Becca, Chanel. As an artist restricting yourself to one brand is tricky, you may love their base products but prefer a mascara from another range. 

Lockdown has been a blessing and a curse forcing everyone to slow down, no more shoots, no events, no press launches but there is a new found appreciation for those you connect with. You don't have to be busy being busy you can take the time to focus on yourself choose your path... refine your skills.

The way you live your life is your gift back to the Universe.