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The beauty industry can often be guilty of emphasising the need to look younger and reverse the clock. As we age, we are told to stop wearing certain colours, avoid different textures and encouraged to hide all visible signs of ageing... but to me, ageing is a privilege. 

I want to encourage women to look ‘Better, not younger’ - looking and feeling your best, no matter your age. After all, beauty isn't defined by age but by the spirit within. Makeup should boost your confidence, enhancing your favourite features for all to see.


Good skincare is important at any age, but it's important to note that our skin's needs change over time. We are all unique and as such have to take time to learn what works for us. Top tips - 

 Try adding in vitamin C, peptides, or retinol into your routine to give the skin a    boost.

- As we age, our collagen levels naturally reduce which can cause fine lines, dry, thinning hair, and brittle nails. Try adding a Collagen supplement to your routine. 

Add in a hydrating eye cream as early as possible, I started as a teen and don't regret it.

- Products containing Niacinamide are great for evening out skin tone and help fade dark marks. 


For me, as I've gotten older, makeup has become more about enhancing my features rather than masking them. 

Eyebrows can completely transform and lift your face. Brushing the brows up really opens up the lid space. Fill in sparse brows with a brow pencil, or powder using feathered strokes for a natural look. Then, use a clear gel to set them in place for the day. 

- Curling your lashes works similarly to brushing up the brows - instantly making you look more awake. Add a couple of drops of eye brightening drops if your eyes are red and tired.

- Avoid thick, heavy layers of product. Heavy concealer, or thick layers of powder can be prone to setting into fine lines, making them more visible. Work in light, thin layers, building as needed. 


I've always been very open about this - I haven't got the worlds fullest, thickest hair. As we age, our hair can become thinner, greyer, or more brittle. This is normal. 

- Rough treatment can lead to dry, frizzy hair. Try wearing your hair down as much as possible and avoid harsh chemical treatments.

- Look after your scalp as well as your hair, a soft scalp massage helps to thoroughly remove debris and stimulates hair growth.

- Don't load up on products, as with makeup less is more! Distribute product more evenly by working into your hands before applying. You don't want to weigh your hair down.


- Watch what you eat & drink, it is great to have a big blow out but how do you feel afterwards? I don't deprive myself, but I don't gorge myself either... a little of what you fancy does you no harm.

- Stay active, something i've only done later in life but it makes a real difference to both my physical and mental wellbeing.

- Get enough sleep, whether that is six hours or eight hours... work out your optimum and try to get this at least five nights a week.


My beauty philosophy is this:  

"True beauty is not defined by age, colour, size or sex, it is reflected by the spirit within. Someone who has a ready smile, who shows kindness and warmth—they are always beautiful." 

What does that mean for me? 

- Focus on the positives. if you love your lips but not your eyes, focus on accentuating your lips. If you prefer your eyes, put the focus on them. 

Find beauty in flaws. Just because you might think that something is ugly, it doesn't mean anybody else does. Celebrate your unique beauty... it is what makes you, you

- Know your face. If you try / buy a product and it doesn't feel comfortable, don't keep using it. It is easy to think I bought it, so I must keep it, but if it doesn't make you feel good, gift it to a friend. Not all products are for everyone.

- Remember, we are lucky to be ageing. More years to enjoy, laugh, and spend time with those we love and care about. That is what's most important ♥️


Hi Tanya, For hooded and aging eyes and lids i’ve done some videos with Sheerluxe ( Focus on lashes, using an eyelash curler and tubing mascara to open up the eye area before applying any colour to the lids. If you would like to see colour, apply slightly above the hood to create the illusion of a higher crease. If you like eyeliner try the tight lining (invisible liner) method, this is where you apply the liner to underside of the upper lashes, this gives the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes. xxRuby

Ruby Hammer

Hi Bev, The first way of building confidence is to strip everything right back… cleanse and hydrate before taking the time to look in a mirror. Really take in every aspect of your face, things will have changed over time and we often don’t take the time to see what we like vs the areas we are less comfortable with. Once you find your favourite features you can start on enhancing them… if you like your eyes but not your lips, play up your eyes. Have great cheekbones focus on blush and highlight. As well as features shifting, our skin shows less colour as we age so you may need a slightly heavier hand than before, my recommendation is to always build up colour slowly to avoid looking over done… and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend. If you would like a personal recommendation send over a bare faced photo and i can make some suggestions xxRuby

Ruby Hammer

Hi Ruby
I have been a fan of yours for years and loved your make-up techniques. I am 60 yrs young in December and have totally lost my way with my make-up. I was always so confident with applying my make-up and not scared to try new looks. These days that confidence has faded and I am lost with what suits me, colours and not looking too made up. Any tips would be amazing and give me the boost to get my confidence back. Thank you.
Bev x

Bev Sexton

What tips for enhancing hooded & aging eyes & lids?
Thank you


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