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Article: All about eyeliner

Ruby Hammer applying eyeliner

All about eyeliner

Liquid, gel, powder or pencil... there are so many eyeliner formulations how do you know which one is for you? The starting point is to work out what the end look you have in mind is. Do you want a soft smoked out line or a graphic wing that's going to stay put all day (and night)?

The simplest way to line your eyes, apply wet or dry using a flat brush with either a straight or angled tip. When applied dry you will get a light, diffused soft line whereas when applied wet it will be a more defined, stronger, longer lasting line. Working from the outer corner inwards make sure to go as close to the lash line as possible.

A pencil format may make you feel the most at ease, a style where you know exactly how to grip and apply the right amount of pressure. There are incredible pencil formulations from gel-like to kajal style. When opting for a pencil you need to know what look you have in mind, soft and smudgy or a thin precise line. Like powder you want to work as close to the lash line as possible, with some opting to use within the waterline. If you are opting to use within the waterline please ensure that it is suitable.

Gels come in dip pots and pencil formats, both providing glide on soft formulations that really stay put. Using a synthetic brush in a fine point shape, tip the tip into the liner and sweep across the lash-line

Liquid formulations are available in pen format and a dipping brush format, a pen being ideal if you are unsteady. Working form the outer corner inwards if you want to create winged liner start from the point you would like the wing to end before sweeping inwards.

Whatever liner you opt for there are plenty of ways to finesse as you practise even lines, from cotton buds dipped in micellar water to a flat makeup brush being used to buff the colour away or into a more smudgy look.


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