Beauty is an attitude

I have a very simple beauty philosophy and it is not defined simply by the use of cosmetics superficially.

True beauty is not defined by age, colour, size or sex, it is reflected by the spirit within. Someone who has a ready smile, who shows kindness and warmth—they are always beautiful.

Back in 2000, Millie Kendall and I created the book Face Up to break the mould of 'step by step' beauty books, in favour of adopting the approach of getting to know your face.

I have always taught masterclasses with tips and techniques that are adaptable to you, rather than set rules. Empowering someone with the knowledge as to why a product or technique works so that they can express themselves as an individual, rather than churning out the same homogenised look of someone else.

♥️ Focus on the positives... Love your lips but not your eyes, put your energy into accentuating your lips. If you prefer your eyes focus on them.

♥️ Find beauty in flaws... though you may think that something is ugly that doesn't mean anybody else does. Celebrate your unique beauty... imagine if Frida Kahlo waxed her infamous eyebrows or Cindy Crawford removed her distinctive mole.

♥️ Less is more... build up your makeup slowly, taking the time to see how things sit, assessing and acknowledging the difference it makes.

♥️ Know your face... If you try / buy a product and it doesn't feel comfortable, don't wear it. It is easy to think I bought it, so I must keep it, but if it doesn't make you feel good, gift it to a friend. Not all products work for everyone.

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Work with your skintone and the cosmetic effect that you want to achieve. We are all lucky that we have unique faces.. play up the features you love and play down those you don't.

Ruby Hammer MBE