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Article: Spring Beauty - Think Pink

Spring Beauty - Think Pink

Spring Beauty - Think Pink

With each season comes new trends, colours and tips to refresh your beauty routine and whilst I usually stick to classic shades on me personally, I couldn’t resist the pink trend.

Let me know what you think in the comments👇🏾 Will you be playing with pink? 💖

Products Used:
@lauramercier secret camouflage in SC-7
@rubyhammerbeauty Magnetic Brush Set 01 & 02
@rubyhammerbeauty Face Brush
@victoriabeckhambeauty Eye Wear Macaron
@yslbeauty Lash Clash
@guerlain Eyeshadow Quad in Metal Butterfly and Majestic Rose
@lisaeldridgemakeup Eyeshadow Palette in Myth Rouge Allure Velvet Rupturiste / Intuitive
@violette_fr Bisou Balm in sucette
@fentybeauty Cheeks Out in crush on cupid
@westmanatelier Vital Pressed Skincare Powder in dune



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