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Combining my must-haves for soft glam makeup.

From Ancient Egypt to a staple on the catwalks, winged liner is a go-to for instant glam. Whether you are after a feline flick or a full Winehouse wing, my Precision Liquid Eyeliner has been designed to put you in control.

For simple, easy placement draw the wing first, starting by placing a small dot where you wish the tip to end. Once you have your dots in place, work from the dot inwards following the natural shape of your lash line. This doesn't have to be done in one stroke, you can use numerous smaller strokes to achieve the same effect. If you find all eyeliner smudges on you, wait a beat before setting with translucent powder. 

Classic glam wouldn't be complete without a red lip. For a modern take on the iconic look Lip Serum Balm in red provides a dewy wash of colour, that cares for you lips keeping them soft and supple. If you want to opt for a full red pout start by applying lipliner, before using a squared tipped brush to fill in. Pay attention to the inner corners of the mouth by making an 'o shape' with your lips to ensure full, even coverage. To amp up the look add a slick of red Lip Serum Balm 

Finish the look with groomed nails - manicures are the perfect fashion accessory to enhance a look. 





  • Precision Liquid Eyeliner for ultimate control for winged liner that won't budge.
  • Lip Serum Balm in red nourishes and protects with a dewy wash of classic red infused into a solid serum balm
  • Nail Kit for perfectly groomed nails at home, or on the go.


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Work with your skintone and the cosmetic effect that you want to achieve. We are all lucky that we have unique faces.. play up the features you love and play down those you don't.

Ruby Hammer MBE