Declutter your kit

When was the last time you decluttered your makeup bag? Do you still have your favourite lipstick from decades ago or products you've used once and never again? If so it may be time for a clear out.

Out with the old...
The easiest first step is saying goodbye to all the items past their expiration date. Most beauty products have an open jar symbol on the packaging and the number inside the jar is when the product should be disposed of.

As a rough guide:

  • Mascara has the shortest lifespan of all make up and should be replaced every three months.

  • Liquids and creams have an average life of a year once opened but if they start to change texture or smell before that throw them out earlier 

  • Powders generally have the longest shelf life at two years, this is based on have regularly cleaned tools and occasionally lightly cleaning off the top layer of powder

For products that don't have an expiration date, give them a good once over - have they started to separate, do they smell off? If in doubt throw it out.

Don't forget to recycle your old beauty packaging.

Clean Everything, including the bag
Make up bags are a perfect hideaway for bacteria. Clean cloth bags in the washing machine and wipe down plastic lined bags with a drop of soap on a wet cloth. 

Treat yourself to the new season must-haves 
Replace any of your expired essentials or reward yourself with a shopping trip whether you keep things streamlined with multi-use products or buying the new shades for the season.

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