Accentuating Eyes

When choosing eye colour, do you want to complement your eye colour or create added drama? Historically colours were split in to:

  • Pale / Highlight shades
  • Mid tones for basic lid work
  • Stronger shades

Now there are so many options it can be overwhelming! Do you opt for monochromatic? Cut crease? Layered? and this is all before talking textures.

If you are not used to wearing colour on your lids, opting for a neutral base shade in a beige, taupe or mushroom is a great introduction. As you begin to feel confident, apply a stronger colour in the crease and highlight just below the brow bones and the inner corner of the eye. 

If you are ready to experiment with stronger / bold shades a great way to start is by applying it as a thin stripe (like eyeliner) or to the corners of the eye. Building up the colour gradually to see if you like it. Don't forget it is just makeup, so if you don't like it you can take it off and start again.

As you become more adventurous playing with texture adds an extra dimension... creams can give a smudgy sexy look, but beware they will crease throughout the day (or evening), glitters and shimmers are perfect for catching the light, whereas mattes are great for the day.

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Hi Mol, Browns, golds and green shade will naturally enhance your eye colour whilst purples and pinks will contrast making the colour pop. If you are conscious of your eyes being close set, elongate the shape using a darker shade towards the outer corner (working upwards and outwards) and apply an extra coat of mascara to the outer most lashes. xxRuby

Ruby October 21, 2022

Would love some advice on completing a day & night look for small, close set Hazel coloured eyes, blonde hair, fair complexion, for a lady mid 50’s

Mol Sheridan October 21, 2022

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Work with your skintone and the cosmetic effect that you want to achieve. We are all lucky that we have unique faces.. play up the features you love and play down those you don't.

Ruby Hammer MBE