Quiet Luxury

Everywhere we look we’re seeing the term ‘Quiet Luxury’ - but what does it really mean, and how does it apply to beauty? Quiet luxury is less about the ‘look-at-me’ pieces and flamboyant make-up looks, it is much more discreet. Timelessly chic, understated minimalistic looks, tied with an air of self confidence and acceptance of self.

In fashion it is a buttery soft leather bag, with a neutral cashmere jumper... in beauty and wellness it is about self-care, regular grooming. It is not a quick trend, but a lifestyle. Whilst often associated with old-money, it is not about spending vast sums of money for the sake of it. It is about enhancing your natural beauty.

Cleanse, hydrate and protect has been my skincare mantra for over fifty years. This applies to the skin on your body as well as your face, adding in exfoliation and treatments as required. Invest in products that are suited for your skins needs, rather than simply opting for luxe names. 

Keep your hands and feet groomed. I was recently asked why as a makeup artist I launched a FOOT FILE and NAIL FILE within my range, and in the simplest terms it is because beauty does not stop at the face. If I am on set without a nail technician, it is my role to ensure the model looks and feels their most beautiful. 

The key to minimal makeup is underpinned by skin prep. A beautifully prepped canvas will allow you to enhance your natural beauty with just a few beauty staples.

Tweezers, lash curlers and a SPOOLIE are the heroes of your makeup bag, each can be used without makeup to provide a lift to your features. 

Look out for creamy blush formulas which blend effortlessly for a healthy flush, lightweight concealers for covering blemishes and defining mascara to open up the eye area without looking clumpy.

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Work with your skintone and the cosmetic effect that you want to achieve. We are all lucky that we have unique faces.. play up the features you love and play down those you don't.

Ruby Hammer MBE